Yet Spirit feels the need to take a different test.Maka Albarn soon learns, though, that it's not as black and white as it seems.He reaches up to wipe the blood from his face, but Stein grabs his wrist and pulls him close, locking lips.To most people, they're frustrating and stupid.And how will they fight Ashura if he can't resonate with the Grim Reaper.I haven't worked the timeline out in full Developing Relationship I FORGOT AGAIN WUZZLES. Araragi koyomi. Many trials are necessary to reach the right conclusion.After Medusa's treaty with Shinigami, Spirit claims to have been badly injured by the Madness-crazed Stein.Embarrassed, Spirit averts his eyes and notices a spot of blood left on Steins cheek.Old feelings are brought to the surface, new feelings are discovered.Can the pair rebuild the trust that was lost so long ago.He had dared to believe he could keep him; their partnership had been untouchable for so long - until that girl had been transferred to their class.A poisonous snake, with blonde hair and green eyes, how easily she had polluted his Spirit.

soul eater stein x spirit
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The fuzzing around the edges of his thoughts clear slightly.Muscles contracting, skin wrinkling, the warmth and relief of tears coating his dry, red streaked eyes.Midnight or dawn, he works until he is satisfied.One hand, imperceptibly shaky, raises and grips the end of his screw.He wants to keep them closed like this, perhaps even rest.He has been sedentary for a significant amount of time, true, but still, it needles his thoughts. Das sound machine. Long enough for his eyes to ache, burn, itch -- has he blinked. Click.He stares at the screen, tries to read the words he has typed.His elbow twinges with the smallest of pains, barely pain at all, simply movement. Click..Connect nerve to nerve, muscle to muscle, blood vessel to blood vessel, bone to bone.Yes, this would be a challenge, much more interesting than a simple prosthetic. It is not pain that bothers him, but the chance that he may lose precious seconds in another fight to this small tingle.He tries to blink, has to think about the motion of it. Perhaps. An experiment for later, perhaps. His heart thumps in his chest, and he is reminded that he has one.Comments: 3 Kudos: 27 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 208.TWs: unreality, blood, graphic depiction of gore, severe bodily trauma, evisceration, vomit, self harm, ableist language, internalized ableism, abuse, emotional manipulation.His fingers nearly slip, but he grips harder, and turns the screw back.To take another person’s joints, perhaps several, to successfully transplant them into his body with little to no nerve damage. Zabuza x reader. He wonders if the pain is an effect of his time in battle, for surely his joints have taken a not insignificant amount of damage.How long, again, how long he wonders, how long has he stared and how long has he thought. Too busy.Yes, it would be just a small matter of hours, procedures of little difficulty.The letters, for surely they must be letters, squirm on the screen, dancing left, right, left, becoming nothing but meaningless shapes.Replacements are not hard to come by, either.He has performed surgery on himself with much more difficult procedures, the screw in his head not being the least of them.He can practically picture it, his knee sliced open as he leans over it, red collecting at the edges of the operating table.He entertains the thought for a moment, until he hears the quiet scrabbling of something that does not exist, and he can rest no longer.The creaking stiffness in his knees attests to just how long he’s stayed planted in front of his computer, and he wonders for a moment what time it is.

2.He's still a little insane and looks for Medusa.3K 37 39 The kishin has been defeated and the DWMA is back to normal except stein has left.Stein x Spirit (Discon.You wouldn't think that these two guys have anything in common, but they do.

soul eater stein x spirit
stein x spirit

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Should Be Loved Spirit x Stein AMV SOUL EATER

He sat there motionless with his head bowed, balling his hands into fists until his knuckles turned white.His mind went back further, to a place even worse than the last.He wiped the build-up of dust away from the faded mirror with his sleeve and saw a pale, ghost like face looking back at him.It didn’t have the desired effect, unable to alleviate the weight that those memories carried.He unbuckled his worn belt and let his trousers fall noiselessly to the floor, he pulled his jumper over the stitching on his shoulders, revealing his toned chest and the hardened muscles beneath.. More fanart for A Darker Shade of Magic. Shower water was trickling down his back, his silver hair slicked back behind his ears, he looked at himself again in the mirror.Spirit obliged, carefully placing his knees on the soft fabric. “Oh?” “But that’s a surprise!” he chirped before taking another a sip of his matcha tea “Please have a seat” he gestured towards the zabutons carefully laid out around the skull shaped table.Kami crossed the distance between her and Stein, she leant in towards him and whispered into his ear, her words were slow and deliberate.The doctor took a deep and jagged breath as he rested his forehead against the rough wooden surface before turning the cold brass handle and entering the bathroom. ----- An 18-year-old spirit was sprawled across the sofa reading a textbook, with a furrowed brow and a perplexed expression across his features.More closely this time, he looked so different from the last time they had seen each other.That face in the mirror, it couldn’t have been him - he shook his head, of course not, he must be imagining things.He could hear the shrill call of the school bell even here in the death room, this marked the end of the day.The perfect curves of muscle were scarred from a lifetime of self-inflicted incisions.His silver hair was a tousled mess covering the green eyes beneath his silver framed glasses.There was the sound of a door opening somewhere in the distance, Stein’s eyes widened as he saw the familiar redhead enter the death room. “You should know Stein, one of the student’s taking this class will be Maka Albarn” Stein’s eyes narrowed, his mouth pressed into a firm line across his angled jaw.And then he was alone in the darkness, hours must have passed, somewhere in the distance he heard a bell chime, it must have been well past midnight by now.Lord Death, his former headmaster, had contacted him quite unexpectedly that afternoon, it had been several years since they had last spoken, even longer since Shinigami had asked for his help.

Write On Our Wall! Spirit x Stein (Soul Eater) Stein x Spirit - NSFW.Soul Eater Stein Ma Vie Alternative Esprit Anime Affiche De Film Lune Tableau Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite.We post fanart, screenshots from the manga and anime, and basically anything to do with Soul Eater.

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Soul eater stein X spirit whispers in the dark

He remembered all the songs and books and clothes they shared with each other, remembered all the bickering over grocery shopping and chores and training, remembered all the times Spirit had used tiredness as an excuse to rest shoulder-to shoulder with him on the couch and fall asleep.Spirit tried his best to remain composed, but it was hard as his vision started to blur.He assumed that was his bed for the night. “But I still love you-” Spirit choked. “I was with Lord Death again,” Spirit whispered in response, trying his best to elicit an uneasy smile as he closed the door behind him.She then slowly combed down his shoulder-length hair before pushing some strands behind his ear. Punch kings. She chuckled lightly to herself, as if she felt foolish for even worrying.Much less for sex and more for attention, Spirit continued his late-night adventures into whatever bar or gentlemens club was open.Spirit was quick with a lie.Spirit felt his eyes sting.That was for sure.I didn’t even hear you get up. It couldn’t be.” “I need you to hit me as hard as you can. “A lot of time with Lord Death, huh?” “Unfortunately so, yes.He looked suspicious from the get-go: tie off and in hand, top collar buttons undone, and hair a mess.These were the same eyes his daughter had inherited from her, and in them, he saw what he always did - a controlled storm.I’m in hell. “It is, I knew it.When he finally made it back home, swaying as he opened and closed the door behind him, Kami leapt up from her seat in the recliner.He remembered one time joking with Stein about his then-6’7” stature: “I might have to admit that I’m jealous of you - your height must give you quite the advantage.He didn’t think his playful remarks held any amount of seriousness to them, nor did he realize his comments towards Stein could actually be perceived as flirting. “No,” he said, and left. Noir x Joker. This is the very first thing I have ever written for a show, so I hope ya'll enjoy the angst.Everything he worked so hard for, this normal life, was going down the drain.And naturally, being meister and weapon, the two had shared a room throughout all four years.” Stein’s brows lowered for a moment before tipping his head to face Spirits. “It’s, like, 3:40 in the morning.As Spirit’s back hit the comforter, Stein swung his legs around Spirit’s waist and towered over him.This wasn’t the kind of man - the kind of father - he ever wanted to be. I won’t be needing any child support.How pathetically so he wanted nothing more than to hold her hand, or to have her hold him.

soul eater stein x spirit
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Dr.Stein x Spirit

His grip had lifted completely as if he was shocked.Spirit was more than worried for his friend, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t a bit scared of him as well.One time he even woke to Stein standing over his bed as he slept. Stein slowly wrapped his arms around Spirit, he rested his head on the other man’s left shoulder, his legs trapping Spirit’s, keeping him from moving. “Agh- Stein please you’re hurting me!!” Stein gasped and went still.Stein didn’t smile, but he wasn’t frowning either. Harry potter can secretly sing fanfiction. And considerably so too.He felt a twang of pain in his chest, he knew the other man hadn’t meant to hurt him, in fact, he was probably more frightened than spirit was.The other man looks completely disheveled, his face looks tired, yet manic, his hair was more unkempt than it usually was, even his lab coat was falling off his shoulders.Unfortunately though for Spirit, staying unnoticed was not an option. “Stein??” Spirit laughed nervously, he could feel his skin crawling, not only had he never been close to his partner like this, but especially not while he was having a psychotic break.Spirit couldn’t even recognize what kind of animal through all the mangled fur.The aforementioned man felt panic rise to his chest, wishing he could run, but unable to move himself other than to push himself further back into the couch and pray Stein becomes distracted by something else. Spirit swallowed hard and shifted in his seat a bit, he felt like he was going to melt, there was just too much happening all at once, he had no idea what had gotten into Stein, or what he was going to do next.After all, that’s what partners are for. Spirit winced and started to try to pull away, Stein’s grip being too strong, he didn’t get very far.He would go out and be missing for hours at a time and then return home late, with an assortment of scuffs and stains on himself.Now, and whenever else Stein needed him, Spirit would be there to do his best to help.He lifted his hand to stroke Spirit’s red locks again, much like the first time, but more thoughtful now. “Stein? What’s going on buddy.” Stein felt his heart swell a bit, pulling the other man closer to him for a final embrace, Spirit, returning the embrace and wrapping his arms around the other.Stein was crying.Spirit sat and stared at the man, thoughtful and curious, he found himself reaching out to do the same. FanFiction. He looked at Spirit as if he finally noticed the other man was there, how you would look at food after not seeing any in many days, a look of disbelief and excitement.

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” “No, I’m a grown ass man I can have sex with whoever I please.” “Yeah that’s the whole point.She moves her head up and down grasping his half erect dick.Maka throws her hands over her eyes.Stein smacks Spirit on the back of his head.The shower walls are transparent causing a feeling of vulnerability. Feitan and phinks. He reaches up to wipe the blood from his face, but Stein grabs his wrist and pulls him close, locking lips.” Marie walks into the room dropping her robe to the ground, she’s standing in front of him in just her underwear.Stein grabs her hair and pulls her off of him.He kicks open the bathroom door, carries Spirit into his bedroom and throws him on to red silken sheets.He flips Spirit over onto his stomach and traces his lips down the back of his neck.” Stein turns his screw, thrusting harder into Spirit.Now go home.She unlocks the door and runs towards the source of the noise.Embarrassed, Spirit averts his eyes and notices a spot of blood left on Steins cheek.” Without saying another word, Spirit leans in to kiss him.” Maka is sitting in the living room as Stein and Spirit slowly make their way to the couch across from her. “Stop.” “Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Marie looks up at him, but continues to suck his dick.She finds herself standing in the doorway of her father’s bedroom, screaming bloody murder.I know what sex is.” and Stein sweeps Spirit off his feet, throwing him over his shoulder. Sexy steve rogers. Stein proceeds to push Spirit against the bathroom door, putting his hands on either side of his face as the door slams shut. “Oh my God Dad! You can’t cheat on mom now, so you’re making other people cheat on their wives?!” “Sweetheart, it’s not what it looks like. Look, I’ll give you a few minutes to put some clothes on and then we’re all gonna have a chat.” “I’m 17 goddamn years old, Dad.He combs his fingers through his wet hair and turns his head to see Spirit in the doorway gawking at his naked body.Spirit, stunned, pulls away, but he can’t resist the way he feels. “Dear Saint, let lips do what hands do.” Stein lays on the bed staring blankly at the wall.Stein sinks his teeth into Spirit’s neck drawing blood.He grasps the fabric of Spirit’s green button down and tears it off of his body.I forgot a towel!” Stein opens the door slightly, yelling for Spirit.I can’t concentrate on my study material when your bed is banging against the wall.He reaches up to wipe the blood from his face, but Stein grabs his wrist and pulls him close, locking lips. “Shut the fuck up, I’m concentrating.

soul eater stein x spirit

soul eater stein x spirit

To most people, they're frustrating and stupid.As a straight A student, she had a great future ahead of her. As someone who would probably be able to graduate early though, she never really noticed any of them.But for Maka Albarn, school was rather easy.But as every school, it did have its social cliques.The outcasts. Boku no hero academia gran torino. Maka Albarn soon learns, though, that it's not as black and white as it seems.All the social classes, keeping up your GPA and grades, making sure to get in your hours for community service, and so much more..Death Weapon Meister Academy (or the DWMA) was a pretty regular school - despite the name.Comments: 7 Kudos: 69 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 1144

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Spirit returns one to Stein’s jaw, and then rolls over to pull on the lamp cord and the room goes dark.Stein is okay with it, probably due to the fact that Spirit is right there with him.Spirit is less everywhere-and-losing-his-mind and happier instead.It’s brief, but Stein can still taste the smoke on Spirit’s mouth.It catches, but Spirit doesn’t pull back right away, instead looking up into Stein’s eyes.He rests his forearms against the railing of the small deck, close enough that Stein can feel the temperature in the air change the tiniest bit with the warmth of Spirit’s body. Final fantasy yaoi. Then he steps back, takes a drag of the cigarette, and exhales smoke into the air while Stein watches.They still don’t move their hands off each other.Things are calmer and quieter but it’s the good kind of both.Stein fights the urge to smile but the hint of one slips out anyway..Spirit somehow manages to give him that all by himself.It’s warm and soft and so is Spirit’s hair when he leans over to place a kiss on the top of his head.I think they have some chore they’re trying to decide who should do.The only other noise is Spirit breathing softly next to him, and Stein likes that too.He’s finding less and less reasons to do stupid, dangerous things to get that rush.Out here, the Milky Way is especially noticeable, and Stein likes the quiet stillness of it.Stein feels like he could see the stars in them if he looked long enough.He doesn’t look at Stein, and then pulls a cigarette out of his pocket.

soul eater stein x spirit

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soul eater stein x spirit

soul eater stein x spirit

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